Meet the Dolls!

Valerie's Dolls

American Girl:

Name: Violet Grace Walker
Interests: School, drawing, science, math
Loves To: read

Name: Carmen Janice Walker
Interests: sports, marvel, makeup
Likes To: Play soccer 

Name: Lydia Dianne Walker
Interests: Singing, acting, dancing
Likes To: Play with dolls and stuffed animals, and toys

Name: Sierra René Walker
Interests: Music, Sewing, Crafts, Photography, Origami
Likes To: Play the flute, do crafts

Name: Amber Lee Scotts
Interests: Track and Field
Likes To: Play with cousins

Ever After High:

Name: Dexter Luke Charming
Likes To: 

Name:Madeline Jane Hatter
Interests: everything
Likes To: FROG

Name: Beatrice "Blondie" Locks
Interests: web show
Likes To: Organize things, be a Royal

Name:Bella "Briar" Beauty
Interests: Partying, fashion
Likes To: Sleep, Party, play with friends

Name: Ashylnn Cindy Ella
Interests: Fashion
Likes To: Buy shoes, hang out with Hunter


Name: Selena "Strawberry" Shortcake
Interests: Cooking
Likes To:bake, eat, smile, hang out with friends

Name: Rosalynn Fairae
Interests: Gardening
Likes To: Frolic through meadows

Name: Anniece Belle Scotts
Interests: Horses, Writing
Likes To: Read, Write, Hang out at the stables

Name: Kailey Tallulah Scotts
Interests: Crawling
Likes To: Gurgle, eat, suck her pacifier

Vera's Dolls

American Girl

Name: Mia Louise Coleman
Age: 12
Interests: Marvel comics and movies, horses, cooking
Family: Elizabeth (sister), Saige (cousin), Kiara (adopted sister)

Name: Elizabeth Vera Coleman
Age: 13
Interests: Reading, dolls, drawing, playing games with her family, photography
Family: Mia (sister), Saige (cousin), Kiara (adopted sister)

Name: Saige Sianna Copeland
Age: 12
Interests: My Little Pony, painting, reading, Marvel movies
Family: Mia (cousin), Elizabeth (cousin), Kiara (adopted cousin)

Name: Kiara Brooke Coleman
Age: 8
Interests: My Little Pony, reading, spending time with her sisters (and cousin!)
Family: Mia (adoptive sister), Elizabeth (adoptive sister), Saige (adoptive cousin)

Ever After High

Name: Rowena "Raven" Queen
Age: 15
Interests: Rock music, painting, comic books
BFFA's (Best Friends Forever After): Maddie, Cedar, Cerise

Name: Madeline "Maddie" Hatter
Age: 14
Interests: Tea parties, having fun with friends, MADNESS
BFFA's: Raven, Lizzie, Maudeline, Blondie

Name: Cerise Vermell Hood
Age: 16
Interests: Track competitions, comic books, hanging out with friends
BFFA's: Raven, Cedar, Maudeline

Name: Cedar Pinaceae Wood
Age: 15
Interests: Painting, singing in musicals, playing the flute
BFFA's: Cerise, Raven, Maddie, Blondie

Name: Maudeline Edalyne Hatter
Age: 16
Interests: Baking, writing, playing the flute
BFFA's: Maddie, Lizzie, Cerise

Name: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hearts
Age: 15
Interests: Fashion design, paper crafting, orchestral music
BFFA's: Maddie, Maudeline, Blondie

Name: Grace "Blondie" Lockes
Age: 15
Interests: Recording her MirrorCast show, gossiping, fashion design, photography
BFFA's: Lizzie, Maddie, Cedar

Equestria Girls

Name: Twilight "Twila" Sparkle
Age: 14
Interests: Reading, writing, having fun with friends

 Name: EmilĂ© "Fluttershy" Melody
Age: 13
Interests: Drawing, baking, caring for animals

Name: Amelia Jacqueline "AJ" Apple
Age: 14
Interests: Baking, writing, APPLES!

Name: Pinkamena "Pinkie" Dianne Pie
Age: 13
Interests: PARTIES!!!!!!!!!

Disney Store

Name: Flora Grace Grimm
Age: 17
Interests: Hair styling, singing, painting

Name: Poppy Marlene Grimm
Age: 15
Interests: Dancing, drawing, living life to it's fullest!

Name: Elsa Winter Grimm
Age: 19
Interests: Snow, snow, SNOW!!!


Name: Holland "Holly" Dee
Age: 13
Interests: Crafting, baking, modeling Roxie's designs

Name: Roxanne "Roxie" Dee 
Age: 13
Interests: Fashion design, comic books, photography

Name: Lottie Lynn Dee
Age: 8
Interests: Playing with her sisters, sewing, baking


  1. Cool dolls! You 2 have quite a collection!

    1. Thank you! We have been collecting for a while and will continue to grow our collection! Thank you for commenting!

  2. Your dolls are amazing! I loooove Kiara!

    1. Thanks! Kiara is a Playmates Rapunzel toddler doll I found at a thrift store for $3. I restored her hair, and gave her a nice warm bath. ;)