Friday, February 27, 2015

From the Dolls Perspective- Amber (9)

My dream has come true! I am finally moving in with my cousins! You see, my mom is part of the peace corps and she is going way to Africa for 5 moths and I get to stay with Carmen, Sierra, Lydia, and Violet! I finally get to have lots of sisters.

We went to Lydia's ballet recital, and she was amazing! She is in the Junior group but she dances way better than the other girls in her age group. She was with the music and danced with the composure and technique of a 15 year old! I don't know what her ballet instructor is doing up in lala land, but she better get her act together.  One bad thing about moving in is all the chaos. Carmen blasting music, Lydia singing to her dolls, Violet frantically studying for a test that is a week away. Sierra practicing her new solo, and Aunt making dinner.

Speaking of Sierra, I think she is going to have a heart attack. Every single time I see her she is practicing her new flute. She first does all of the scales, then the chromatic, the her old pieces, then sight reading, and then her solo. I'm pretty sure her performance with this special symphony is a month away, but she still practices like a mad woman. Oh well, I can't play an instrument so I guess I don't understand!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

From (Vera's) Dolls' Perspective 2: Elizabeth

Hi dear sweet readers! Elizabeth Coleman is my name, responsibility is my game. Seriously, as the oldest of the family, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one mom can trust. Mia is too absorbed in her skating and comic books, Saige, as sweet as she is, is too blind and trusting to ever be in charge, and Kiara is...well, eight years old. Unfortunately for me, being dolls, none of them will ever change. Majorly at least. I'm beginning to feel bored with my life. All we do all day is sit around in our 'doll room' as mom calls it and pursue our hobbies. Not a BAD life, just boring. I've been doing this for about five years. I just wish that we could have some more adventure and variety in our lives, and maybe, just maybe, have a day off from being the responsible one.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

From the Dolls Perspective- Carmen (8)

You have no idea what level of excitement I am on right now! I mean, sure Lydia has a commercial, Violet got perfect marks on her test, and Sierra got a huge opportunity in her music career, but I got something better! A BOYFRIEND! Basically, Ive been crushing on this guy named Aiden since, like, the 4th grade and now my dream has come true! Im going to the Spring Formal with AIDEN PETERS!

It all started before World History when I was getting my atlas from my locker. The first bell had already rung so I was rushing to pull it out of my backpack and get on my way when I turned around and bumped right into him, just like in the movies. He helped me pick up my books, and our eyes met and he asked me to the dance! Just like that! oooo, Its just a dream come true. I guess 14 years of Disney Channel makes a girl kind of receptive to these kind of things.Maybe thats why Violet hasn't met anyone yet... JK I'm not that mean!

Apart from that amazing news, I was still late for World History and now thats 12 tardies on my record this year, which isn't that bad for me. Unlike Violet who wakes up every morning at the exact same time, to follow the exact same schedule, I don't have a morning routine. I kind of just wake up when I start feeling panicked and rush to get everything done. Even Lydia has a better system then me! Well, I haven't got suspended yet!


Thoughts on the New Ever After High Dolls

Hello everyone! Recently, a bunch of new Ever After High dolls were leaked, and I thought I'd throw my two cents in on the new ones. Let's get started!

Basic/Classic Dolls

Roseabella Beauty

This is the daughter of Beauty (from Beauty and the Beast) and she's really cute! At first, I had a lukewarm reaction to her, but I saw "real life" pictures from Toy Fair, and fell in love!

Darling Charming

Eh, she's okay. But really, her story is she wants to be the hero. So, it makes sense we give her big poofy hair, spiky high heels, and a froofy dress, right? Right?

Bunny Blanc

This is another doll I really didn't like at first, but when I saw photos from Toy Fair, I REALLY liked her. I mean, come on, she's a steampunk bunny!

Alistar Wonderland
No. Just, no. I REFUSE to believe he's a Wonderlandian. He's so plain and boring and generic, and WHERE ARE MY DARING AND HOPPER AND SPARROW GIVE THEM TO ME NOT THIS PLAIN GENERIC CREEP!!!!!!!!!!!! Calming, calming.

Faybelle Thorne
Ugh, no. She looks like a discount Monster High doll. Moving on.

Overall thoughts on the line: A few of the new characters stand out and shine, but most fall flat, and unfortunately show Mattel's steady decrease in quality, and show it very well.

Way Too Wonderland

Lizzie Hearts
Lizzie, my poor, poor baby. What did you let them DO to you!

Kitty Cheshire
Kitty, you look like unicorn vomit. Moving oo...WAT. YOU HAVE A TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madeline Hatter
She's the best of the five in this line, and that's not saying much.

Apple White
What's Apple doing in this line? She's not friends with any of the Wonderlandians. 

Raven Queen Playset
The clock's cool, but Raven's just as much of a hot mess as the rest of them.

Overall thoughts on the line: A hot mess. Just a hot mess. You don't even know how much it hurts to type that, since I love the Wonderlandians SOOOOOO much.

Sugar Coated

Cedar Wood

It's cool to see Cedar in another line, but she I can't put my finger on what it is, but she just doesn't look right. Maybe it's the makeup? I don't know.

Madeline Hatter
Eh. She's okay. Not great, but not Way Too Wonderland levels of fail.

Holly O'Hair
Holly's the best of all of them. I like her a lot, not enough to buy her, but still. But...her hair. It's so short!

Ginger Breadhouse Playset
Okay, this is really cute! But I don't want the doll. Just the playset. Oh, and Ginger comes with an oven. Think about it. You'll get it in a few minutes.

Overall thoughts on the line: They're okay. The only thing I want is the Ginger playset, but just the playset. The dolls aren't very attractive. 

Enchanted Picnic

Note: This is a budget line, so I'll be less critical when it comes to detail.

Cerise Hood
She's kinda cute? Her bangs are wierdly cut, and her face mold is the one of hers I don't like.

Raven Queen
Is that the fabric from her Legacy Day dress? I think it is. Other than that, Raven go away, you're not wanted here.

Blondie Lockes
She's cute! I won't be getting her because a) I already have a Blondie and b) she's not detailed enough for my standards. 

Overall thoughts on the line: I know this is a budget line, but the lack of detail, reuse of fabrics, and bad looking hair really dampers my opinion on the dolls.

Overall thoughts on the leaked releases: Some are cute, most are horrendous. Call me a pessimist, but the line is getting worse. Less quality, less detail, less sophisticated and cute fashion. The level of detail is one of the main things that drew me into this line, and having it not be there ruins them for me. My wish list has not suffered any major additions, I'm still sticking to Kitty, Duchess, and Through the Woods Ashlynn, and only added Rosebella and maybe Bunny. My wallet thanks Mattel, but my heart doesn't. (By the way, do you now get the irony of Ginger coming with an oven?)


Thoughts on Samantha's New Clothes

Hey everyone, Valerie here, I decided to review some of the new editions to Samantha's returning collection. I, personally, love Samantha and the time period she is set in, so lets get on with it!

 I do like the shoes, and the printed shirt, but, this is a mismatched outfit and the pieces don't work well together. As for that, well... I think she should burn it!

This dress looks very nice against Samantha's dark hair, but the collar is a mess. The lace looks just like its been thrown on there for the sake of being there.

This dress is a style that I am not used to, but I love it!

I have ever been a fan of animal print, so I   would not ever consider buying it for myself...😬

This frock is very beautiful and girly, but the boots are way to modern for the time period Samantha is living in.

This dress is a very unique and and the combination of pink and green is something I really like!

This jacket is ok, but I don't see it working unless your doll is wearing a dress underneath.

Overall Samantha's new releases are a mixed bag. While some are cute and well designed, others are but ugly, but it is really up to the collector!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From the Dolls Perspective- Lydia (7)

TODAY IS MY BALLET RECITAL! I AM SOOO EXCITED AND I CANT WAIT BECAUSE EVERYONE WHO IS ANYONE OS GOING TO BE THERE AND I... I ... JUST CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, mom says I can't yell anymore! but still, I can't wait to twirl and turn up on that big stage with everyone watching me in center stage! I made Sierra promise that she would give Mr. Cuddles his own chair so he can watch to. I am doing an excerpt from the Nutcracker, even though it is late February.

Carmen says she doesnt want to come, but I know she will. I come to every single one of her soccer games, so she kind of has to. Ever since that bad test grade, Carmen has been more bitter than usual. I wasn't supposed to know about the bad grade, but I have to take out the trash as my chore and might have maybe slightly seen the big red F shining into my face. So, anyway, now she's been treating everyone like they're losers.

Don't tell anyone else this, but Sierra's my favorite sister. She is really calm and always knows what to do. Violet also always knows what to do, but can be REALLY bossy and snooty about ti. Sierra and I also share some of the same interests. I like singing and acting and dancing, and she likes preforming music. Sierra also knows what its like to be the youngest. Before I was adopted when Sierra was 10, she had to deal with being the youngest for 5 whole years in this family, which isn't easy! Well, got to go to an acting workshop, BYE!

From (Vera's) Dolls' Perspective 1: Mia

Note: These will work a little differently than Valerie's "From the Dolls Perspective", as I have made my dolls aware that they are dolls, if that makes any sense. So in other words, my dolls have no school, Girl Scouts, etc. Thanks!

Hey everyone! Mia here. Today, our mom and her friend, Valerie, had no school! They got lots of snow, and school was cancelled at the last minute. Like, literal last minute. Like, Vera and her sister were about to walk out the door when she thought to check the school website. Anyway, I didn't get to go into the snow, but I (and my relations) got to enjoy it from inside! We watched Muppets Most Wanted in the afternoon, which is a good movie, but not quite as good as the first one. Then, when we were being carried back upstairs, Kiara fell out of Mom's arms and took a fall! Thankfully she's okay, just a little shaken up by the experience. It seems that the rest of the day is going to be a little boring, as we can't go outside or do anything else super exciting. Maybe mom will do a photoshoot with us, but we have no winter coats! Elizabeth has not so subtly hinted that she wants Grace's travel coat. Anyway, I'll talk to you later!


From the Dolls Perspective- Amber (6)

I wish, wish, wish, wish I could live with my cousins! I ALWAYS tell them this but then they just tell me just how much of a pain they think another sibling is. At least they have a sibling! I'm an only child, and trust me, Its not fun. My parents are nice, and I have good friends, but I wish I could just have a constant companion!

Anywhoo, Sorry if that first paragraph sounded like something from Dr. Phil! Ive been addicted to Dr. Phil and Oprah, and even Ellen Degeneres! There is only so much a person can take! I've also been swamped with Speech and Debate. The team president says we all need to construct a case for both the prosecution and the defense. Something about "being prepared". Whatever! I got to go, my mom needs help with girl scout cookies. I used to be in Girl Scouts, and somehow the old group roped her into being cookie mom again!


Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Vera and I haven't had this blog very long, but we have already fallen in love with it! We enjoy making posts and would love to hear feedback. We are open to constructive criticism and we look forward to improving. It really means a lot if you comment or even just participate in our poll (in the side bar). If you have any questions or anything else you can contact us at: So, thank you. Thank you for making a dream a reality!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

From the Doll's Perspective- Violet (5)

Greetings everyone, Violet Walker here. It may not seem like it, but I am over the moon! I GOT PERFECT MARKS ON MY GEOMETRY EXAM! But, I can't say the same for Carmen. Lets just say she got half of them wrong (do the math). Mom was furious, of course, who wouldn't be? Carmen had spent the whole time diddling around with her stupid friends when she could have been memorizing her figures.

Lydia and Sierra are also super ecstatic. Lydia gets to be in a commercial! She heard something on the radio and called in and scheduled an appointment all by herself. I thought mom would be mad, but on the contrary, she was pleased! She was proud of Lydia for taking the initiative and creating an opportunity for herself. Lydia has much more gusto as a seven year old tun I did.

Sierra also qualified for a really prestigious band camp in Pennsylvania. It starts March 1 and Im really excited for her. She has already picked out her outfits for the week, modern and professional of course, and she is even saving her babysitting money to buy an advanced flute! Im no flute major, but form what Ive heard it is a big step up. It's made of silver and plated with gold and even has open holed keys! id say the only unhappy person is Carmen, but she always has a sour attitude. She just shuts everyone out and listens to her music. I'll talk to you later!


Friday, February 20, 2015

Thoughts on the New AG Releases

Hey there readers! As you probably know, AG just released a BUNCH of new stuff. And, well, I have some...thoughts. Let's get started!


Shimmer and Lace Party Dress
This is actually really pretty! It's a tad bit overpriced for what you get ($30 for a dress, shoes, and hairclip), but it looks better quality than some of the other new releases.

Pretty Ballet Set
From the remant bin of Isabelle prototypes comes a mix and match ballet set! I love this! /sarcasm

Sparkly Jazz Outfit
No. Just, no. I pity any doll who is forced to wear this.

Soccar Team Outfit
Let's just say that sports and I have a bitter history, and my dolls share my hatred of them. Moving on.

Boho Beachy Swimsuit
I appreciate the modest one piece, but that PRICE!

Sunshine Garden Outfit
This outfit's great! For a five year old.

Sunshine Gardening Bench
Meh. It's a side table with a few gardening accessories. Like everything else, it's way too overpriced.


Julie's Mix Print Maxi Dress
Erm, this may have been stylish in the 70's, but today it looks like a hot mess.

Julie's Skateboarding Set
Not too bad, but the skateboard's way too small! It would even be small for my Ever After High dolls!

Kit's Chicken Keeping Set
CHICKEN! Um, I also like!

Rebecca's Seashore Set
Uh...the boots are nice?

Addy's Dress and Sewing Set
Let's just say me, Elizabeth, and Saige want this. :D

Kaya's Fancy Shawl Set of Today
Pretty, but I have no need for this as I don't have Kaya.

If it's alright, there's SO much new Sam stuff that I'll just sum up my reaction in one sentence: justgobackintoacrchivalokayokgoodbyegetoutofmyfaceSamluvyabye

So, those are my thoughts! Have a good night everypony!


From the Doll's Perspective- Carmen (4)

Ok, time for me to set the story straight, I AM NOT THE BAD GUY! Every single post I've read so far has made me seem like the stereotypical teenage girl. And while I very well may be, I think I should be the judge of it. I'm so glad the ice melted because now soccer has started up again. I'm so relieved, I was starting to go mental!

Soccer just is a place where I vent all of my anger. Violet brags: intercept the ball. Lydia whines: Make a beautiful pass. Sierra practices her god forsaken flute: Kick the ball as hard as I can into the goal. I don't really mind Sierra's flute playing. She is an amazing flutist, but she plays all the wrong music. I don't want my Arctic Monkeys and Panic at the Disco to be interrupted by Mozart and the B flat scale, thats common knowledge!

I have this big Geometry quiz on Monday and I don't know when I am going to find the time to study. While Violet has had it in her calendar for weeks now, I am just now scrambling and It is Friday. Two days may seem like plenty of time, but believe me, its not. Saturday morning I have a soccer game, and later in the afternoon Anniece has a horseback riding competition that I promised to go to. At 6:00 in the morning on Sunday I have o go down the street to babysit Kailey and Amber, and then I have plans to go to the mall and see a movie with my BFF's. I'll probably study in the car like i usually do. I don't even know why I bother freaking out because I always end up studying the day of!

Love Goodbye,


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcome Anniece and Kailey!

Hello Everyone! Im Anniece! My mom, Valerie, found me and my baby sister Kailey at a local goodwill and adopted me into her amazing family!
 I still need shoes!

My old owner really beat me up, but now I am good as new! Kailey was fine, and didn't need very much, but I was serious. Valerie had to: Sew back on my head,wash my hair, style my hair (which is no easy task!), re-glue my eyelashes, wash my clothes, and clean my skin! I can't wait to be in this blog more! Toodles!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How To Make Macaroons for Dolls

Hey guys! Today, Valerie and I had no school due to icy roads. Yay! I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and make the doll macaroons I had been meaning to make. Let's get started!

1. Assemble your supplies. You will need...
-white oven bake clay
-pastel oven bake clay
-clay shaping tools (optional)
-aluminum foil 
-small pan

2. Cut a small slab of one of your pastel clays.

3. Roll the slab into a small ball.

4. Press down on the ball in the center with your thumb.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 two more times; once with the same pastel color, once with white.

6. Take the white circle and squish it between your fingers.

7. Use one of the clay shaping tools to make the edges wiggly (for lack of a better term).

8. Stack the three blobs together.

9. Repeat steps 2-8 as many times as you need to make multiple macaroons.

10. Line the pan with aluminum foil, and place the macaroons in.

11. Bake the clay according to the packages directions.

12. Voila! Tasty macaroons for dollies everywhere!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If make this craft and want to show it off, email pictures to Have a great day!