Saturday, April 18, 2015

From The Dolls perspective- 13 (Courtney)

Well... Hello, I guess? I'm kind of new at this so I'm going to give this my best shot:

Hello everyone, I'm Courtney Lynn and I am the newest doll in Valerie's collection. She said she has been saving up for me and now I'm really excited to be joining the family! I have long wavy red hair and green eyes. I also love animals, the outdoors, and I am a die hard vegetarian! GUESS WHAT?!?! Apparently I came at the perfect time because not only was she saving up for me, but she also saved up for a plywood. This is because she and her dad made a dollhouse! It's almost finished and It looks great! It has 6 rooms and I will be sharing one with Sierra. Violet is with Lydia and Carmen is with Amber.

I haven't been around long, but everything around her is so interesting. The night I arrived was Sierra's big flute performance and she nailed it! Her tone was beautiful and she hit all the notes wonderfully. My dog, Junior, hit it off with Carmen right away. They play fetch, catch, soccer, and basically everything involving a ball together!

So, I guess that's all! Wait... mom is telling me to type this for you guys:

Valerie- Hey everyone! Valerie here. Sorry if there has been a little less activity then usual. Things have been really busy for Vera and I with Finals coming up. Not to mention curricular activities! I have lots of stuff lined up to post and I can't wait. As Courtney said, she is the newest addition and is #61 from American Girl. My  father and I have been building a doll house together so there will be that too. See you soon!


Valerie and Courtney

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