Sunday, April 5, 2015

My First Official Fanfic!

Hello dear readers! Happy Easter, if you celebrate. Today is very exciting for me, as I published the first chapter of a fanfiction on My user name is VeraLovesFanFics, and I'll start posting my stories over there as opposed to here. Fics already posted here will stay, but any new ones will now reside on my account. What is the first uploaded fic, you ask? None other than A Derpy Tale, the backstory of our favorite gray mare. I have only uploaded the first chapter, but am working hard on the next two. I think there will be five chapters, but there could end up being more or less, depending on how I feel. ;) Enjoy what's left of your weekends, and I'll see you all in my video analysis of the My Little Pony season 5 premiere. :D


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