Sunday, April 5, 2015

Valerie reviews "The Cutie Map 1 and 2"

So, like many others, my Saturday was spent fangirling over the new season premier of my little pony. In this post I will inform you on my opinions, gripes, and favorite parts about the episodes! Hope you enjoy!

The beginning 5 minutes are spent focusing on the magical 3D map that pops out of the floor. I found the start very forced and a little stupid... I  can't quite put my hoof on it, but the beginning could have been much better. When they do enter the mysterious town, I was all alert. I love how the writers are now, more than ever. Catering to their older audience as well. I think the underlying tone of communism and dictatorship was a very satisfying easter egg.

As you probably know, I was very excited to see if my conspiracy theory was correct. It was frustrating to find out that not much was reviled that proved my theory. Another thing to prove my case though, is Starlight's secret cutie mark:
The star in the corner looks a lot like the star on Twilights, right? Fortunately, since we were left with a cliff hanger regarding Starlight's defeat, I'm sure there will be future episodes that address Starlight.

Another thing I didn't like about the premier was the fact that the pacing was all wrong. They stay at that ONE table in the town for almost a 5th of the episode!

I also noticed throughout the video, and shared lots of laughs with my little sister; Virginia, that Pinkie Pie was almost always making the strangest faces!

Over all I thought this was not My Little Pony's best work. While it was still funny and the plot very original, I don't think It reached it's full potential. I would have rather had the rebel group of ponies do more. Party Favor was made out to be such a pushover, and his fellow members of the rebellion did nothing to even try to help him or the main six. I may not have liked the premier all that much, but I am very excited for the rest of Season 5!!!!!!


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